Business Enquiries
Functional Flow Diagram


This process enables user to Notification the new work details from any reference point like Client reference, News paper reference or Consultant reference etc...

The system will capture the following details for notification process.

Work details:

Capture the details like Name of the work and related to which sector, location of work, approximate value of the work and its duration etc.,. Addition to that if any prequalification required, that also will be captured. And the details like date of commencement and stipulated date of completion, Tender purchase and submission due date and tender document cost and its pay mode also captured.

Client details:

Name of the client and person to whom we need to contact and their details and address will be captured here. And also capture the details whether the tender flow is required for this work or not.

Notification Authorisation:

This process is used to approve the notification by verifying the details, the user can view the complete details of the notification in view mode and based on the user privileges other operations will be allowed. The approval process is done in multiple levels. The system will allow defining the approval process for multiple levels.

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