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Budget Overrides
ETC (Estimate to Complete) Request:

ETC Request can be prepared, if any change in Work Group, Scope, Work Item, Resources or any changes in Work Item Quantity or Resource Quantity or work item rate or Resource Rate, Duration or Work Item Amount which are mentioned in approved PCE or latest revision. ETC Request can also raised automatically from the respective screens in case of change in Rate, Quantity or Amount based on the confirmation. In this screen the previous approved values will be displayed for the user to view the excess quantity/rate/amount. Multiple ETC types can be selected for a single ETC request

The following are the inputs that are required for ETC Request:

ETC Details: The information regarding the ETC request is captured. ETC request date, Resource type (Material, Machinery, Formwork, Sub Contractor, PRW /IDC), Scope code/IDC/DC code & GL code (if IDC / DC) , scope quantity, amount (if IDC or DC or Scope UOM is Lump sum) and ETC type(Rate Change/Quantity Change/Duration Change/Value Change), Reason.

Work Group / Work Item Details: The work group / work Item code is captured and according to that the other details are captured based on the ETC type.

Quantity change: The required quantity and excess quantity details are gathered if the ETC type is due to quantity change.

Duration change: The required duration details are gathered if the ETC type is due to duration change and is applicable for machinery & formwork.

Rate change: The required rate details are gathered if the ETC type is due to rate change.

Value change: The required value details are gathered if the ETC type is due to value change.

ETC Request Approval:

This process is used to authorize / approve the ETC Request. During authorization process the user can view the complete details of the ETC request details and based on the user privileges other operations will be allowed. Approved ETC requests will be send for the EPC process. In this mode, user can’t edit any details. The system will allow defining the approval process for multiple levels.

ETC (Estimate To Complete):

Estimate to Complete will be done against the pending scope or un-availed IDC/DC. New scope can also be added here based on BOQ Amendment and Applicable Scopes in the Job. New IDC/DC can also be mapped based on the Applicable IDCs/DCs in the Job. ETC can be done if any change in rate, quantity or Co-efficient of Work Groups/Work Items and Resources.

The following are the inputs that are required for ETC Request:

For Scopes against Quantity:

    Quantity Planned, Revised Quantity, Executed Quantity, Balance Quantity will be displayed. The Executed quantity will be retrieved from the BOQ’s with respective to that Scope. The cumulative of BOQ Certified Quantity, Uncertified (Submitted but not Certified) quantity will be considered as Executed quantity. Work Item Quantity can be changed only after the BOQ Amendment. Conversion Factor can be entered for unmapped BOQ items.
    Resource Quantity will be changed based on the BOQ Amendment and if any changes in Co-Efficient that can be modified against scope. New Resource items can be added. For Non scopes, item quantity can be amended.

For Scopes against Lumpsum and Other than Scope Items:
The amount to be amended is captured here.

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