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Functional Flow Diagram

1. Periodic Work Progress:

Periodic Work Progress Entry screen is to capture the Job Work progress and it is used to find the Work Done Value of the Job. The information is captured based on the daily activities in terms of BOQ, Scope, Work Group (WG) and Work Item (WI). The PRW/Sub-Contractor Progress is monitored based on the Scope/WG/WI and the Client BOQ progress is monitored based on the BOQ. The PRW/Sub-Contractor progress will be entered based on the Scope and work-item from the work order, Client progress will be entered based on the BOQ. This entry can be done for either daily basis or periodically. IDC/DC item details can also be monitored separately and the progress will be entered based on the IDC/DC item and work item. The BOQ details are not applicable for EPC projects.

Machinery work progress is monitored for selected Machine for a period and completed Scope/IDC quantity will be entered. The progress quantity can be entered for the machineries having log sheet details during the period.

2. Work In Progress Generation:

Work In Progress is calculated based on the details mentioned in periodic progress minus the RA Bills Submitted/Certified. When no RA bill is raised for a month, an alert will be displayed for Work In Progress Generation.

3. Periodic Work Progress Approval:

Periodic Work Progress Approval is to approve the entered details and only approved details will be taken as Work In Progress. In Job Settings, if the billing process is mentioned as “based on DPR”, then the approved measurements (entered in work item level) will be considered for Sub-Contractor and PRW billing.

The BOQ details will be displayed to the approver and based on the rules defined in the Finance the WIP will be booked.

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