Module Flow Diagram
Project Settings

The Job Settings is done against the each job. The bill generation process is to be specified. In the NMR Bills, the Wages can be captured either in hourly basis or daily basis. The basis of capturing the wages is to be specified. PRW bill generation and Sub-Contractor bill generation are also done in two types, DPR basis or Measurement Entry basis.

BOQ Type that is, Material Supply or Item Rate will be displayed automatically. TDS deduction is to be done Job wise or Company wise is to be specified. Planning Months to be specified to show the rolling plan report for the entered months. Service Tax applicability for the job is to specified (ie, Regular/Composit/NA).

The comparative statement process is mandatory or not is to be specified to generate the Sub-Contractor Work Order and Service Order Job wise and this setting can overridden against each party.

There will be effective date to change the settings.

The following are the inputs that are required for Job Setting process:

    1. Job Code
    2. Job Name
    3. Effective Date
    4. Wage Type
    5. PRW Bill Generation Type
    6. SC Bill Generation Type
    7. Sub Contractor Code
    8. Sub Contractor Name
    9. Sub Contractor Bill Submission Type
    10. CS Process – Sub Contractor wise
    11. CS Process – Service Vendor wise
    12. BOQ Type.
    13. TDS Calculation (Job wise / Company wise)
    14. Planning Months
    15. Weightage Multiplication Factor (Applicable for EPC projects)
    16. Service Tax Applicability
    17. CS Process – Sub-Contractor (Job wise all parties)
    18. CS Process – Services (Job wise all parties)

Note: The Job Settings screen may change based on the requirements in other modules (during finalization).

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