Module Flow Diagram
Fixed assets

Fixed Asset is an asset held with the intention of being used for the purpose of producing goods or services and not held for sale in the normal course of business. Fixed Assets are such as plant & Machinery, Construction Accessories, Tools, Office and Construction Vehicles, Furniture, Office Equipment, Land & Buildings, lease hold improvements etc..

The fixed asset management system is used for managing and administering tracking, reporting, and accounting of fixed asset activities.

Fixed Asset Management system has four major functions:

    (1) Recording and maintaining details of all Assets Viz., Owned, Leased, Depreciable, Non-Depreciable etc.

    (2) Computing Depreciation for various requirements like, as per companies Act, for IT purpose and for Internal Management information Report purpose etc.,

    (3) Handling Asset transactions like Capitalization, Transfer, sale, write-off, Discard, Retirement etc.,

    (4) Generating Reports reflecting various functions of the system

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