Module Flow Diagram
General Ledger

To create Chart of Accounts, provision will be given to define the ledgers in a hierarchical manner based on groups ( Parent and Childs). System will allow to define ‘n level’ groupings and presently maximum of 5 levels will be available to define ledger grouping.

General Ledger (Account Code) codification will be generated by the system automatically, whereas flexibility will be given to modify the same , and necessary duplicate check will be imposed. Only the last four digit ledger code will be used in all screens and reports and the group codes are used internally to facilitate grouping / consolidation.

Provision will be given to modify the group code of a ledger, and all the reports will appear as per changed grouping for current year and for immediate preceding year.

Usage of GL codes can be restricted against Companies, Financial year(s), Job(s), and Cost Centers. If the restriction has not defined against company, financial year, job and costing purpose, then GL will be available for all related operations without enforcing the restrictions.

Provision will be given to define whether GL has Sub ledger or not. In case if GL has sub ledger then map sub-ledger types to GL Codes. (sub-ledgers are described in detail (3) ). Provision will be given to change ledger type from General ledger to sub ledger (supplier/sub con or any other) subsequently and IT Administrator will make the necessary changes, by running the SQL scripts.

Provision will be given to define tax related controls against the last level account codes ( i.e., Applicability of TDS, Service Tax). If account codes are related to taxation, then relevant details like applicable TDS section code and corresponding TDS payable account will be mapped for complying statutory procedures.

With respect to Service tax, nature of the service applicable for the selected account code and the related service tax account code will be captured.

Based on the reconciliation type (onetime / multiple) , system will allow the user to reconcile the transactions single / multiple times.

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