Module Flow Diagram
Accounts Payables
MRN authorization:

After the receipt and inspection of the materials MRN authorization will be done by store for qty and quality. After stores verification final authorization will be done by accounts department. On final authorization of MRN, Purchase JV will be generated by the system.

During final approval, if the accounts department observes any correction to be made in MRN, they can send the same with their comments for rectification by Stores / Other concerned departments. The same is applicable for integrated vouchers.


Supplier will enter the invoice details with reference to MRNs & Purchase Orders using online facility. In case supplier can’t enter the invoice through online, after the receipt of hard copy from the supplier, stores/purchase person has to enter the invoice on-behalf of the supplier. If the supplier, try to change the rate / amount over and above the PO terms, the system will record the same. But during bill passing, system will enforce the rules defined in PO ( Rate, Terms & Conditions).


In the invoice scrutiny process, Supplier’s invoice will be verified by the accounts person with P.O terms and MRN details. In case of any value adjustments with respect to freight/Packing and handling charges etc. as per actual, the same will be allowed through adjustment note.

When such adjustments are entered, then system will generate Additional MRN. In case if any issues are already passed after this MRN, scope wise additional issue vouchers (consumption voucher- with scrutiny date as voucher date) will be generated for this adjustment (additional / discounted) value.

After the user verification, user has to enter the bill pass amount. After the finalization of bill pass amount, provision will be given to select the advances, against the orders and flexibility will be given to adjust the advance in partial or full.

To Process “DC Cum Invoice” as invoice , DC document will be used for invoice booking and invoice verification (with reference to MRN’s raised against the DC).

Party Liability creation:

During invoice scrutiny, “Liability JV” will be created for transferring the balance from Temporary liability to Sundry Creditors. If any advance adjustments have been defined during the invoice scrutiny, then necessary entry will be added to transfer the balance from “Advance to Suppliers” to “Sundry Creditors”.

Bill Payment:

Based on the payment terms defined in the orders, system will create the payment schedules for the payable amount (bill pass amount – advance amount (if any) ) amount. Bill payment advices will be generated as per schedule due dates.

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