Leave Management
Functional Flow Diagram

Leave Policy Definition

Leave Policy definition is used to define the types of leave and rule definitions against individual leave types. Leave definitions can be defined in system against the category / structures built internally.

In this process, user will be given facility to define year open, carry over applicable , If carry over applicable then percentage or value against carry over applicable criteria, prefix holiday, suffix holiday, prefix allowed leave code, suffix applicable leave code, in-between holiday applicability and max. accumulation days.

System will automatically impose the leave rules and calculate the leave days and other related information during Leave generation, Leave request and Payroll process based on the leave policy definition.

Leave Generation

Based on the defined rules of the leave types, system will process the definition to generate leave balances for each and every calendar year.
If the leave rule definition is defined as month-wise, then the same will be taken care during salary process.

Leave Request & Approval

Applications for leaves need to be lodged in advance / after the leave, thru’ Leave Request Process. If the leave request is not submitted in advance then the system by default will treat those days as LOP. Later on, when Leave request is raised for those days, system will modify this LOP against the requested leave type. Applying single leave types in a single request, maximum no. of leaves in a single leave period etc., multiple leave request for continues leave are controlled by the settings defined in the leave definition. System will alert when attendance is punched for applied leave.

Approval process is applicable for this leave request details. System will update the necessary information only after the final level of approval.

Information captured during leave requests are

    • Leave Requester Details
    • Leave Period Details
    • Leave Balance Details ( View )
In leave balance details, requester can view Current Year Opening, Current Balance, Leave Taken and Balance against leave type. In leave history the requester can view all his past leave taken for current year.

Provision will be given to raise leave requests on behalf of other employees ( based on the user privileges)

Leave Cancellation / Amendment & Approval

Authorized leaves can be cancelled or amended by using this option, This will be done against the request number. User will be allowed to reduce the leave requested. A new request will be raised when need to increase the leave days. In this User will be given provision to enter cancellation from & to date with session information.

Approval process is applicable for this leave cancellation process. System will update the necessary information after the final level of approval.

Leave Encashment Request & Approval

Based on the leave definition, leave balances against individual leave types can be en cashed. User will be given provision to give encashment days. System will be validate the encashment days against the encashment limit and current leave status of the employee.

Approval process is applicable for leave encashment process, and system will create the necessary payment advices and leave balance adjustments, after the final level of approval of the leave encashment document.

Permission Definition

Permission and rules related to permissions will be updated by using this definition. User will be given provision to define permission applicable structures, limitations in hours, max. no. of permissions against durations, minimum and maximum allowed hours per request.

Permission Request & Approval

Applications for permissions will be requested here and during the permission request, System will allow to enter group / individual employee details in a single request. User will be given provision to enter permission name and permission details like permission date, from time & to time. Whole day permission and more than one day permission will be treated as OD . Provision will be given to enter From & To date with session information when permission is whole day or more than one day.

Approval process is applicable for permission request details, and system will update the necessary information in the attendance after the final level of approval. Permission cancel will be done against permission request.

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