Functional Flow Diagram

Definition of Loans / Advances

Loan types and rule definitions against individual loan will be defined here. Loan definitions can be done against salary structures that are built internally. Eligible amount can be defined in two ways. One, by giving the amount directly and another in terms of salary month. This can be defined as amount / salary in Amount Criteria attribute. When Amount Criteria is salary, Eligible amount is calculated as no.of salary month defined here, multiplied with salary amount.

Provision will be given to define the Charges applicable for the loan as charge type and amount. This charges will be included with loan amount. Re-payment details like minimum EMI amount, minimum & maximum recovery period will be captured here. Documents that are needed for loan process can also be defined here.

Loan Request & Approval

Loan can be requested for whom the applicable criteria satisfies. Eligible amount constraint and interest are derived from the loan definitions. Loan amount will be calculated against the request amount requested here with interest and charges for the loan defined in loan definition. Entered payment term amount and period is cross checked with the constraint defined in loan definitions. payment schedule will be displayed by the system automatically against the information provided in request.

Loan Adjustments & Approval

This process is used to adjust the loans availed already. User will be given provision to extend st the loan schedule and payment amounts.

Approval flow is applicable for Loan adjustments and system will update the necessary information only after the final approval of the adjustments.

Loan Repayment & Closing

This process will be used to enter details of repayment or closing of a loan against the employee and loan request number. Repayment amount can be partial of full amount. Balance payment will be rescheduled against the repayment type, amount & month. Reason for closing and repayment will be entered in remarks.

Advance Request & Approval


All type of advances available in the organization is defined here. Advance can be against the salary or work. Definitions can be defined in system against the category / structures built internally.

Request & Approval

All request for Advance need to be lodged thru’ this process. Each Request is followed by Approval Process. Approval process can be defined with n number of ladders. The requester request is filtered against the criteria defined in the previous definition. Required amount entered by requester is validated against the criteria defined in definition.

All Requests need to go through the approval cycle before moving to Payment phase. System will update the necessary changes against the final approval of the request. Adjustment and repayments are same as loan process.

Pay - Component Definition

Components like HRA, DA are all defined with its applicable criteria and calculation formula. Components can be grouped, where one or more components together form a single component. Example say Total Earnings is a component grouped with all allowance components like HRA,DA,.. Every Component can have its own criteria & cut-off period by which calculation to be handled. Component value can be defined directly or against the slab. Pay component will define Conveyance, vehicle allowance (Rent, Maintenance) for AGM and above. Pay component will define Professional Tax for an employee based on the PT rule.

Category Definition

All Categories that is applicable for pay structure is defined here. Any attribute of the employee can act as a category, say designation, grade, technical, commercial etc.. All attributes that are defined in pay attribute is listed here for the user to select. This category can act as one of the criteria in process definitions.

Process Definition

Each and every process of HR is defined here with its behavior and associated component details. Process can be defined in a group with execution sequence number information and applicable criteria. Whenever a process is executed, the exemption rule defined here is used as a validating criteria. Exemption rule is nothing but a condition that we say, when the process should not proceed further. During process execution system will populate an alert to the user if the process satisfies the condition given in exemption details. Process definition is also applicable for regular staff (Employee) and NMR.

Process Execution

All process defined above can be executed. Processes are executed according to the schedule as defined in the process definition. Below is a list of some processes that are executed here.

  • Loan Process
  • Advance Process
  • Leave Process
  • Permission Process
  • PF Process
  • Leave Encashment Process
  • Arrear Process
  • Superannuation Process
  • Gratuity Process
  • Bonus & Ex-gratia Process
  • LTA Process
  • ECIS Process
  • Vehicle Conveyance for AGM and above
  • TDS Process

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