Functional Flow Diagram

Staff Request & Approval

Based on the PCE (Project Cost Estimate), from the project site, staff request will be generated.

Staff request can also be generated for filling the vacancies arised due to replacement, request as per organization chart, additional requirement, termination or transfer of existing employee and non joining of employees recruited.

Following are some of the details captured in Staff request

  • Designation
  • KRA ( Key Result Area), Role
  • Recommended Location
  • Vacancies arised Reason
  • Target companies
  • Position Details (New / Replacement)
  • Department ,Designation
  • Age group
  • Salary Range
  • Designation Range
  • Preferred Qualification
  • Experience
  • Priority
  • Requirement Schedule
  • Recommended Sources from other Projects

During the request, the system will validate the requirements against the PCE ( Project Cost Estimate),  if the request raised for resources not planned during PCE, then system will alert the user about the overrides, and ask for one more level approval otherwise the request to be amended for staff requirement within PCE budget.

If the request is due to other reasons then the system will look for approvals as per the approval levels defined.

Approval and amendment flow is applicable for staff request.  In amendment user can increase or decrease the staff, change requirement schedule and other details. System will validate the changes against the allocation (if already done) and  PCE of the job.

Staff Request Closing

Pending staff request will be closed against the staff request. It will not allow the allocation process. For example one requisition has 10 employees, allocated for 5 employees; remaining 5 employees will be closed.

Allocation & Approval

This process is used to allocate staff against a staff request. Based on the Staff Request, analysis will be done. After analysis, if the process resulted to allot internal employee, Employee allotment process will take place. Based on the requirements corresponding employees will be allotted.

The following are the inputs that are required for Employee allocation

    • Requisition Details displayed by system as that comes from the request.
    • Employee Personal Details and Employee Qualification Details displayed from the employee details.
    • Allotment Details, Captured as input in this process.

Approval flow is applicable for allocation process.

Allocation is approved by Project co-ordinator / Regional Office / HO-HR / JOB. On Approval of allocation, transfer request will be generated by the system and sent to the JOB where the resource is currently available.  If staff allocation is not available then recruitment process will take place

Transfer Request

On receipt of request the Project In-charge will authorize the transfer request by which the transfer of employee is allowed.


This process takes place when the JOB releases the resource to the new / assigned job. During transfer user will be given provision to enter travel days with from and to date, Travel amount, Distance between current working job and transfer to job and reporting details ( like reporting to , reporting at etc., ).

Employee transfers can be handled against  staff request or direct transfer. If it is against  staff request, then the reference allocation number has to be selected and based on that, details will be automatically shown in the screen.

System will send an alert to the other JOB regarding the transfer of the employee with all details viz. last pay, outstanding loans and advances, leave balance, issued material/assets etc. The outstanding advances if any will be transferred to the new JOB from current JOB by finance voucher.

Transfer Intimation to HR

When employee transfer happens in job, the same will be intimated to the HR department by the way of online alert for information. This alert will be generated by the system automatically after the approval of transfer request.

Resume Bank

Resume Bank is collection of resumes received  to HR. The following are the inputs that are captured in Resume Input Process.

  • General Information
  • Contact details
  • Individual Details
  • Education Details
  • Experience Details
  • Skill Sets
  • Known Languages
  • Medical History

 The resumes that are received are maintained as a bank.  In recruitment process if any candidate is selected from the resume bank then the status will be updated in resume bank.

Call Letter (Resume Filter & Interview Schedule)

Against the staff request approval, available Resumes will be filtered.  Based on the filtered resumes, necessary plan will be arrived to conduct the interview. Resume filter will be given with more user friendly options to filter the resumes in the easiest way.

Based on the planned interview schedule, Call letters will be generated by the system against the information available in the resume bank.

Provision will be given to gather the venue, travelling & food arrangement, reporting date and reporting authority details.

Interview Attendance & Assessment

After interview process, Attendance and assessment process will be handled here against the call letter reference number.

Attendance of the candidates can be updated in both online and offline way.

Provision will be given to update the interviewer’s assessment against candidates. Based on the result, if the candidate is selected, then offer letter will be generated on request.

Interview assessment can be done directly without having call letter in the system, but to do assessment, details of the candidates to be updated in the system via resume bank. To do the same, a link will be given in this screen to open and update the candidate details from resume bank.

Offer Letter

Based on the interview assessment, provision will be given to generate the offer letter for the selected candidates. Provisionwill also be given to prepare offer letter without having the interview assessment details for the candidates.

When offer letter has to be generated without interview assessment, system will provide an option to update the candidate details in the resume bank and based on the registered resumes, offer letters can be generated.

During offer letter process, selection of designation, department and the Job Nature, reporting date & authority, probation period and pay component details will be given.

During offer letter preparation, system will provide mandatory provision to define CTC and optional provision will be given to define the salary structures against the candidate.

Joining Report

Joining details of the candidates are gathered here. Joining report can be prepared with or without reference to the recruitment process. As like joining, Re-Joining of an employee will also be handled here.

Against the offer letter, Candidate’s joining date, Probationary period (if applicable), PF details, reporting to will be displayed by the system. Shift details,  Salary structure and payable information will be gathered manually.

Request for ID card, request for bank a/c (if applicable), are generated automatically on approval of this process. Employee Number is generated automatically on final approval of this process.

Provision will be given to create joining report without processing the recruitment activities. In this joining report details are entered / selectedmanually.

Approval flow is applicable for this transaction.

Employee List

On approval of Employee’s joining report his details will be added to Employee list (Personal file).

Personal file is an important record for any company. Educational Details, employment history like salary slips and certificates, letter from previous companies  can be attached to the system.

Details like appointment and offer letter, increment details, Leave and attendance details etc. are updated to personal file during their respective process.

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