Training & Appraisal

The Training and Development application has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to organize, schedule, deliver, track, and report all the information necessary to support your Organization. The module’s flexible task-based design allows you to create the training program that will best fit your company’s needs.

Training and Development is a completely paperless system. The Training Planner feature allows scheduling of employees and classes for training tasks to be done individually or in a group. The Requirement Planner feature allows the user to create, edit, and assign skills to departments and positions.


All training activities must be recorded, and staff members should contribute to their production. Copies of training records will be kept on the Human Resource Management System in the Human Resources Unit.


At the end of any training activity, the line managers responsible will evaluate the training that has been provided in respect of its delivery, achievement of training objectives and costs.

    1. Area of Training
    Here user has to enter what is all the areas people need training. Enter Record with its hierarchy.

    2. Skills
    Enter Skill details of what all are required for Training.

    3. Training Budget Master
    Here we have to enter budget details which all are we going to use in Training and development.

    4. Training Schedule
    Training schedule play a vital role in training and development module. Here only we have to enter training details fully. What type of training we are going to give and starting and ending details of the training? In This Training Schedule itself we will collect the venue and session details of the training.

    In this training schedule itself we will get full input against session wise and session wise and topic wise details. And also we collect information against Budget, checklist Details.

    5. Training Reschedule
    Using this we can reschedule the training program to another day which is not available in training schedule. In this previous schedule date will cancel and schedule creates for new date.

    6. Training Cancellation
    Using this we need cancel training on one day after creating schedule we need to use this and cancel schedule for that particular day.

    7. Training Feedback Master
    Which master we need to enter details about that all the feedback we plan to give about training.

    8. Training Request (Employee)
    Training needs of the employee are entered here. Details of the training can be stored and can be used as reference for further use. We can also know the upcoming events. The request is raised based on his requirement and the area, skill, level.

    9. Training Nomination
    In Training nomination, we can fetch the employees who all are need training for particular course. This training nomination will enter by HR Users.

    10. Training VS Employee
    In Training Vs Employee, we can map the employee against training here. From two ways employee can select here. One is from training nomination and another one is all employees. In this we will collect the training details and team details also. In this we are able to maintain date wise, session wise employee details.

    11. Training Employee Replace
    In Training Employee Replace, after enter training Vs Employee details user need to replace one employee for training means at that time user can use this.

    12. Training Attendance
    In Training Attendance, user can enter attendance for employees who all are attending training .in this user can enter attendance date wise and session wise.

    13. Team Leader Feedback
    In Team Leader Feedback, which is used for team leader enter feedback details about given training. In this team leader enter his feed about his employee after completion of the training.

    14. Training Feedback

    15. Training Expense

    16. Training Checklist Master

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