Purchase Returns

The purchase return is the process of returning the materials purchased from supplier. Purchase Return can happen in two stages.

    1. During the material inspection and acceptance.
    2. After the acceptance and during the usage of materials

Based on the stages and required actions against the returns necessary actions will be initiated by the system.

If the material is returned against stage (1), then necessary pending quantity in PO will be reverted and system will allow the user to re-generate DC and Inward Notes

If the material is returned against the usage, based on the “action type”, system will do the necessary process initiations.

Item Details:

If the return type is against GIN Rejection then the item details will be filled automatically or else item details has to be selected based on the reference document ( GIN ). If the return is against GIN Rejection then GIN number has to be selected, if it is after acceptance then MRN number has to be selected. The net amount will be calculated using the Rate template. The Rate template is used to define the additional rate components like Discount, VAT etc.

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