Module Flow Diagram
Budget Controlled Mobilization Requests
Machinery Requisitions (MR):

Mobilization requisition is the process of requesting for machineries for Project execution.

The objective of Mobilization requisition processing is to enable the timely and efficient request of machineries to support project execution and operational services and it will be processed for the appropriate approval of the mobilization request.

Mobilization Requisitions will be raised by the Planning Engineer and it will be sent to the authorized person for authorizing the same.

MR has to be raised by Jobs. MR Numbers and the date of requisition will be generated and assigned by the system.

Based on requisition type (SCOPE / IDC / Capex) a reference number will be selected. Based on the machineries mapped against reference info, Group (For Machineries ) / Items ( Formworks )will be populated in the machinery selection along with Attributes.. MR’s will be restricted with the items planned against the reference details(SCOPE / IDC / CAPEX). By using “Fetch Previous Requisitions” user can copy the requisitions raised earlier. Machinery & Other Assets will be requested at group level and Formwork will be requested item level.

Before sending for approval user can modify the requisition ‘n’ of number times.

Requested Items Details:
After the selection of machineries, system will do the validation against the pending quantities that has to be mobilized against the MR reference details. If the requested quantity exceeds the quantity allotted for the particular reference, then system will throw an alert and the MR will be routed through one more additional approval process for Planning Head. During the validation, system will also take care of the MRs under execution. In addition to that, user will be given a provision to enter additional remarks and recommended supplier information.

Against the machineries requested, system will give the provision to specify the expected date of usage schedules. Provision will be given to define duration of the usage against machineries.

Requisition Approval:

After the MR preparation, necessary approval authorities have to approve the MR for the further execution. For the MR Approval, one detail view will be shown to the user to know the list of pending MRs with the necessary information ( i.e. Job, Reference Type, ,Purpose, Department & Machinery Details etc., ). During authorization, by double clicking the detail view, user can invoke entry screen of MR to view the complete details related to MR. Based on user privileges, user can modify / recommend modifications against that MR. In this complete view mode, user can edit (if user has the privilege) any requisition details like Quantity Increase / decrease, delete or add items. If the approver modified the transaction information, then the modified fields will be highlighted with different colour and immediate notification will be sent to the person raised the MR . If approver recommends any modifications the same will be sent as alert to the MR raised person. System will allow to define multiple levels of authorization based on the data available in MR. Approver will be given provision to authorize, to reject or to forward for re-generate / re-process . MR will be taken for further actions after the authorisation of last level approver. After the approver action, immediate notification will be sent to the person raised the MR. System will not allow the user to approve the requisitions against (Requested Quantity > Planned Quantity/ ETC Quantity) and this is applicable for the machineries planned by quantitative.

Machinery Requisition Amendment:

Requisition Amendment is a process of making the changes in the approved MR. Based on the requisition number selection, the information will be fetched and shown from the approved MR. Amendment number will be running serial numbers against requisition. MR Amendment process will facilitate the user to modify item related information ( if it is not yet processed), item remove & add, quantity increase / decrease ( Quantity decrease only applicable for pending quantity), schedule change ( applicable for pending items only ), recommended supplier change and change of additional remarks. System will not allow the user to approve the requisitions against (Requested Quantity > Planned Quantity/ ETC Quantity) and this is applicable for the items planned by quantitative. During the amendment, system will also take care of the MRs under execution,

Machinery Requisition Amendment Approval:

Approval process will be given as like same as MR Approval.

Machinery Requisition Closing:

Machinery Requisition Closing will disable the MRs from the further actions, and the necessary reverse updation against pending quantity for reference details ( Scope / IDC ) will be taken care. System will not allow the user to close the MR partially, if any requirement arises like that then the same has to be handled through MR Amendment.

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