Module Flow Diagram
Hire Enquiries

RFQ is the process used to generate enquiries against the pending MR / direct enquiries for Quotation. After saving RFQ, Enquiry number will be created automatically and Enquiry date will be the current system date.
If the enquiry type is direct, then the machinery detail to be selected from the master and necessary attributes has to be selected against the selected machineries.

If the enquiry type is “Against Requisition”, then pending requisitions can be selected through “Fetch” button and in this view option provision will be given to select requisitions based on Job, Machinery Group / Machinery Item, Scope/IDC, due date and related information. Here we can collate the Mobilization Requisitions. At the time of sending the enquiry user can modify the attributes given during the requisition, since RFQ can be raised without having some attributes (make, model etc.) After the selection of items from the requisitions, selected materials will be consolidated and shown in a single view.

Supplier Details

To ease the supplier selection process, system will have two options to load the supplier details for the selection.

    (i) All
    (ii) Recommended Supplier.

If option (i) selected, then all the available hire suppliers names will be shown for the selection or else If option (ii) selected, then recommended hire suppliers list will be loaded based on the following criteria

    i. previous enquiries sent for the suppliers,
    ii. previous Hire Orders raised for the suppliers, and
    iii. suppliers mapped in machinery master as recommended suppliers..

After the selection of hire suppliers, necessary contact information like Contact Person Details and Email ID can be viewed here and if user has the privilege the modification can be done for the purpose of RFQ.

Supplier Vs Item Details

After the selection of the suppliers, if required, machinery vs supplier mapping can be done to manage the restriction against supplier vs machinery selection. (i.e. If no need to sent RFQ for some machineries to some suppliers).

Based on the enquiry, quotation will be available for comparative statement, supplier quotations will also get eligible for comparative statement.

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