Module Flow Diagram

The machinery receipt is the process to receive the machinery from suppliers / other jobs. The sources (receipt type) are

    1. Receipt From Hire Supplier
    2. Receipt From Other Jobs
Receipt Number will be created automatically based on the specification. Stock type to be captured based on the receipt type.

1. Receipt from Hire Supplier

Machinery receipt against the hire orders will be prepared through this receipt type. User will have the provision to prepare receipt against hire order . If the user enters the hire order reference number then the machinery, transport details and other necessary information will be fetched from the order. Necessary information like DC Number, DC Date, Bill Number and Bill Date are to be entered. If user selects Hire Order number and selected the items from the list, then machinery code, machinery name, Attributes, UOM, Order Quantity, Pending Quantity and Received Quantity will be displayed. User has to enter the Received Quantity based on the UOM.

For the formwork receipts, additional info will be gathered to identify the supplier materials (like Color , logo etc., ) and for the machineries key information ( like registration no ) will be gathered to identify the individual hire machinery.

A separate code will be created for hire machinery.

2. Receipt from Other Jobs

Goods Inward Note against the ‘material transfers from other job(s)’ will be prepared through this receipt type. User will have the provision to prepare GIN against reference STN Details. If the user enters the STN details then the machinery and transport details will be fetched from the STN. Assembly wise machinery will be received.

    (i) Machinery Details:
    The machinery information will be loaded based on the STN chosen. It contains the details of item name and it’s corresponding attribute, and Quantity.

Receipt Approval:
The machinery receipt can be authorised by the higher authority of the machinery department. During authorization process by invoking the detail view against goods inward note by double clicking the record, the user can view the complete details of the goods inward note in view mode and based on the user privileges other operations will be allowed. If the approver modified the transaction information, then the modified fields will be highlighted with different colour and immediate notification will be sent to the document prepared person. After the approver action, immediate notification will be sent to the person prepared the receipt entry. The user can also reject the goods inward note during the authorization. System will allow defining the approval process for multiple levels. After the approval only, system will allow users to process further flows against goods receipt.

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