Maintenance Calls

If machineries are not working properly, then the same to be intimated in the way of maintenance calls, and based on the nature of the break down, other operations will be carried out.

Based on the maintenance call raised, the responsible person will do the update against the call till the rectification of that maintenance call.

If the machinery is under warranty, then provision will be given to record the activities ( like visit of service engineer, problem analysis, rectification of the process, if required machinery has to be transferred to service station, receipt of the machinery after the rectification actions etc., )

If the machine is not under warranty , then provision will be given to generate service request based on the maintenance call updation and also if required provision will be given to generate the material indent against this maintenance call.

If the maintenance call, or the action against the machinery maintenance call lead to the breakdown of the machinery then during the machinery usage entry, system will assign this timings by default to the respective items.

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