Functional Flow Diagram

Job Creation

This process is used to create a new job awarded by the customer. In this process, the user who has a provision can add a job as additional one against a work which has been awarded earlier by the same customer.

If the tender module is in operation, automatically the base information's (i.e. Like contract details, tentative commencement date, duration of the project etc., ) will be copied simultaneously job will be created by the system, during this tender award entry. Otherwise this information should be entered by the user.

Using this process, Contract terms will be updated, and provision will be given to do amendments against the job creation. Through amendments, user can modify the terms and conditions (salient features like payment and recovery info, escalation details, supporting provisions and scope [ i.e. water, electricity etc., , recovery details etc., ]

System will capture the following details at the time of Job creation process.

1. Job Details: The details will be gathered related to the job are Job Name, Job Short Name, Job Nature, Job Category, Job Type, Circular No, Circular Date, LOI No and LOI Date.

2. Tender information: The information about the tender will be gathered here, i.e. Tender Reference No, Tender Submission Date, Tender Awarded Date, Name of the Work and Customer Name. If the Tender module is in operation, these details will be loaded automatically.

3. Address Information: Based on the address type, address details will be captured. Address Type includes Billing Address, Communication Address etc..

4. Organisation Structure Mapping: It will be about the hierarchy of the company.
5. (I could not understand the point - Gathering in which business name the job has to be executed (i.e. Company, Main-Division, Division, State, Region and Job).

6. Other Information: Information like the start and completion date of the job, work value and currency details will be gathered here.

7. Salient Features: Details, that applicable to the job’s terms and conditions will be gathered here like Payment Terms, Bonus Terms (if any), Penalty Terms (if any), Interest on Advance, Service Tax, VAT, Escalation, Quality & Safety Requirements, Material Recovery Details (Client Scope / Free supply), Supports (i.e. Water, Electricity, Labour Sheds, Staff Accommodations), Billing Methods, Vendor credit Periods and EMD Adjustments.

8. Contact Details: Contact details of the Architect/ Consultant will be gathered.

9. Job Status Updation:

This process is used to change the job status. Status will be changed as per the process going on, like Suspend or Resume or Completed and the history of the status can also be viewed.

Job Authorisations:
Job Amendments
Job Amendments Authorisations
BOQ Definition
BOQ Authorisation
Job Structures
Job Vs IDC/Scope
Job Document

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