Functional Flow Diagram

PCE Revision Initiation:

This process is used to revise the Project Cost Estimation (PCE) Initiation for a particular job. This revision can be done only for the job which are already initiated and approved.

The user will select the job from the list, and give the duration. Revision number will be incremented by one, from the previous number.

Provision will be given to view the Amended Quantity/Amount, Executed Quantity/Amount and the Balance Quantity/Amount. It will be displayed according to the provision spent. PCE Revision will be done for the Balance Quantity and Variance Reports can be viewed for ZC PCE and PCE Revision. WBS changes and Rate Changes can be done similar to the PCE Activities.

PCE Revision Initiation:

This process is used to get the approval for revised PCE to the particular job.

The jobs which are initiated and revised will be moved to pending authorization for approval. The authorized person will verify the given details and give approval.

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