Scope/IDC wise / Structure wise Schedules:

This process is used to Schedule the Scope / Non-Scope of the Job, based on the PCE initiation or Revision Initiation. Here, the user can enter the schedule details based on the requirement. The schedule can enter for the Scope or for the other Cost Components such as IDC. Scope Scheduling can be done by Structure wise.

The schedule can be done by Automatic or by Manual against each Scope or all the Scopes. After Entering the From Date and To Date for each Scope or Scope vs Structure, the quantity can be split-up evenly for the Scope Scheduled Months or manual entry for each month can also be done. When editing this schedule by manual, the changes in the schedule quantity will be deviated from the last / previous month’s quantity.

Dynamic grouping will be provided to enter the schedule for scopes. The dynamic grouping option will include Structure wise Scope and Scope wise Structure.

If Scheduling will be done for selected groups, Option will be given, to overwrite the scheduling or to keep the existing schedule.

MS Project Integration

Provision to export the Scope and Scope vs Structures details to Microsoft Project will be provided at the Scheduling screen and then the date details can be modified and imported in to the system. If any changes in the Start Date and End Date then the break-ups for the existing scheduled details (Quantity/Amount) will be cleared and scheduling should be done again. Importing can be done only until Approval and Exporting will be available at any phase.

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