To modify the details against the approved purchase orders process will be used. By referring the approved purchase order number, system will fetch information from the referred purchase order. User will have the flexibility to modify the Item Quantity, Rate, Rate Template Warehouse, Schedules, Delivery Address and terms and conditions. System will allow adding items and provision will be given to delete items during amendment process. Based on the effective date of the amendment, necessary reference process will be taken care ( i.e. bill passing, invoice verification etc., ). Amendment can be initiated by supplier (by mail or by phone) or by internal department. Amendment number will be allotted with 1 and the number will be incremented by 1 for each amendment under that particular Purchase order. If PO “through requisition” can amendment the rate and rate template details, If it from “Enquiry” can amendment only the qty. After getting the acceptance from supplier, can amendment PO.

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