Purchase Orders

This process is used to create purchase orders against the Comparative Statement. Here user can create orders directly from purchase requisition or by referring comparative statements. The currency type will also specified here and by default system will assign JOB Base currency as the order base currency.

The net amount for the individual items will be calculated by using the rate template. (i.e. Rate template is a group of additional components). In the rate template all of the additional percentage like tax components, discount components etc., will be handled.

Based on the process type (Import / Domestic / E1 Sales), purchase order information will be captured here to enable the further linked process in ease. The purchase order will be generated based on the order type. The order types are,

    (i) Through Requisition
    (ii) Through Enquiry
    (iii) Repeat Order
    (iv) Rate Contract

Through Requisition:

If the supplier is identified and no need to process for RFQ, then purchase orders can be prepared directly by referring the pending requisitions information. From the list of pending requisitions user has to select the items to be processed for PO. Based on the selection, material list will be consolidated and shown, and user has to update the necessary rates, taxes and other component details to arrive the landed cost & net amount.

Through Enquiry:

After the preparation and approval of ‘Comparative Statement’, Purchase orders can be generated based on the selection done in the comparative statement. After the selection of Job and Enquiry Number, system will show the selected suppliers as per the comparative statement.

After the selection of the supplier, based on the selection of materials in the comparative statement, system will copy material details, attributes, quantity, rates and tax information and assign default as purchase order details. User will have the flexibility to modify the quantity alone.

Repeat Order:

Instead of processing RFQ against the requisition, if the purchase order has to be generated against the information available in the earlier order, then this process will be used to generate orders.

After the selection necessary material details from the requisition and the reference purchase orders, system will fetch the material details from pending requisition, order details from the previous reference purchase order, after the data fetch, user will have the flexibility to modify the quantity alone.

Invariable to Order types, the following information will be captured during purchase order creation.

    1. Material Source (Requisition / Enquiry)
    2. Rate Source ( Enquiry / Rate Contract )
    3. Reference Quote Information ( Ref No of Quotation )
    4. Supplier Details
    5. Item Details
    6. Annexure information (Hide)
    7. Attributes, Quantity, Rate Components (Rate template)against individual items
    8. Job wise Requisition details
    9. Terms & Conditions

      a. Delivery Schedule against individual items against warehouses
      b. Payment Terms
      c. Delivery Terms
      d. Packing & Forwarding Details
      e. Other Remarks ( if any )
      f. Insurance Details
      g. Freight

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