Compare Quotations
This process is used to prepare the comparative statement against the Quotations received for a RFQ. During the preparation of comparative statement, the following options will be given to the users. Comparative statement number will be generated automatically after saving.
  • Select / De-Select the quotations for comparative statements.
  • Provision to select the quotations from the history ( first quotation or the negotiated ones )
  • Split the required quantity and recommend more than one supplier to proceed.
  • Provision to call / create negotiation alert(mail alert) for the suppliers
  • Add Quotations from the history ( where as RFQ’s not sent for the suppliers )
  • Provision will be given for different tax structures for different items. In comparative statement taxes will be shown item wise or else for all items combined together taxes will be shown for comparison purpose. For example out of 10 items if 8 items are having same tax structure and 2 items are having different tax structure then system will show for 8 items one tax structure and different tax structure for remaining 2 items respectively for comparison purpose.
  • Provision will be available to approve the separate screen
  • Option available to export the comparative statement to Excel
  • Provision available for reject / re-process.
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