Service Providers

Functional Flow Diagram

Service Order Request:

This process is used to raise a service order request to Service vendor against a Job. Based on the IDC or DC linked against a Job, the work group details will be displayed. Request will be raised against work group quantity/amount and the requested quantity should not exceed the approved work group quantity/amount.

Service Order Request Approval:

This process will be used to authorize / approve a Service order request by verifying the details.

Service Request for Quotation (Enquiry) :

Service RFQ is the process is used to generate enquiries against the service order request. After saving service RFQ, Enquiry number will be created automatically and Enquiry date will be the current system date & can be edited (if required). The work item details will be loaded based on the work group details in Request.

Service Vendor Details

To ease the Service Vendor selection process, system will have two options to load the Service Vendor details for the selection.

    (iii) All
    (iv) Recommended Service Vendors.
If option (i) selected, then all the available Service Vendor names will be shown for the selection or else If option (ii) selected, then recommended Service Vendors list will be loaded based on the following criteria
    iii. previous service order enquiries sent for the Service Vendor,
    iv. previous service orders raised for the Service Vendor

After the selection of Service Vendor, necessary contact information like Contact Person Details and Email ID can be viewed here and if user has the privilege the modification can be done for the purpose of RFQ.

Service Vendors Vs Item Details

After the selection of the Service Vendor, if required work item vs Service Vendor mapping can be done to manage the restriction against Service Vendor vs work item selection. (i.e. If selected items to be sent to selected vendors for enquiry).The comparative statement will be generated from the quotation received from the Service Vendors.S

    • Service Order RFQ Approval (Optional): -
    • Service Order RFQ Amendment (Optional):
    • Service Order RFQ Amendment Approval (Optional):
    • Service Order Quotation:
    • Service Order Quotation Approval (Optional):
    • Service Order Quotation Amendment:
    • Service Order Quotation Amendment Approval (Optional):
    • Comparative Statement:
    • Comparative Statement Amendment:
    • Service Order Creation:
    • Service Order Approval:
    • Service Order Amendment:
    • Service Order Amendment Approval:
    • Service Measurement Entry:
    • Service Measurement Entry Approval:
    • Service Bill Entry:
    • Service Bill Entry Approval:
    • Service Bill Generation:
    • Service Bill Certification:
    • Service Bill Advance Recovery:
    • Service Bill Advance Recovery Approval(Optional):
    • Service Bill Acceptance (Optional):
    • Service Bill Approval:
    • Service Order Closing:

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